401(k) Plans

There are many different firms and provider types that are able to provide 401(k) services. The products are often very similar and the service environment can be sparse. SG Long & Company’s advisors focus on providing a well-researched, custom-designed, full-service 401(k) retirement savings program for your business and its employees. When designing a 401(k) plan, the needs of the business owner and the plan participants can be very different — and both are important.

The nuances of constructing a 401(k) platform often are oversimplified by those who might not fully understand all of the relevant details. From an administrative standpoint, there are a lot of variables that an employer should pay close attention to when setting up or administering the plan. Some examples might include plan testing, the business tax implications of different matching structures, and more. SG Long & Company’s advisors are experienced in and qualified to counsel you, the business owner(s) through these important processes.

From a plan participant standpoint, SG Long & Company is focused on providing a well-researched, knowledgeable service environment focused on education and fostering trust. Oftentimes, employees in a 401(k) feel like they are sent home with a packet of paperwork and very little understanding about how they should proceed in pursuit of their financial objectives. SG Long & Company works to provide a level of impactful service to 401(k) plan participants that helps them make good decisions for their long-term financial health.