Comparing the costs and benefits of different insurance products can be a difficult undertaking for many, especially those not in the insurance industry. The list of all of the various different types of insurable assets is extensive, as is the list of types of insurance products. Life, health, long-term care, disability, umbrella, property … the list goes on. And then, within each of those product lines there are seemingly endless choices.

Even just looking at life insurance, for example, one must first intelligently decide “Do I need life insurance?” Deciding yes, then you move on to the perhaps more vexing questions of “OK, I’ve figured out I need life insurance — How much? What type of policy? What company?”

The financial advisors at SG Long & Company act in a holistic way to develop your overall inclusive financial profile. Our clients are a broad and diverse group, and not all insurance products are appropriate for all people. Life and other insurance products can be vital pieces of the overall puzzle for select clients, and SG Long & Company’s advisors have the skills, experience and expertise necessary to match clients with specific insurance products that will work to enhance the broader framework of their financial plans.