Products & Services

SG Long & Company is a full-service brokerage offering the same suite of products and services available at much larger institutions. Offering access to thousands of mutual funds spanning hundreds of mutual fund families and countless individual stocks that trade over the NYSE, NASDAQ & AMEX exchanges — your equity investment options are essentially unlimited with SG Long & Company. Outside of the world of stocks, we also offer access to a full suite of other financial products including, but not limited to, internal money management programs, bonds and bond mutual funds, SIMPLE IRA programs, 401(k) plan set up and maintenance, and more.

At SG Long & Company, we recognize that the options available for any given investor or business owner can be overwhelming, so our advisors focus on creating an individualized financial plan designed to meet your and/or your business’s specific needs. As life unfolds, your plan must evolve to adapt to unanticipated challenges. Our advisors are here to help you meet those challenges with confidence.