Corporate Clients

The needs and wants of SG Long & Company’s corporate clients are as diverse and varied as the individuals who own and operate those respective businesses. The details one should take into account when establishing, changing or simply effectively maintaining an employee benefit plan can be overwhelming for individuals who are already tasked with running a business or nonprofit. Every organization’s and/or individual’s revenue and profit models may differ, tax exposures can vary broadly, plan testing implications can introduce risk to certain strategies, etc. SG Long & Company’s financial advisors are experienced in establishing and maintaining a wide variety of corporate retirement plans for an even wider group of corporate clients.

The same communication model that our advisors apply with their individual client relationships extends to our corporate client base. We look to educate, communicate and assist our corporate clients, and build relationships that are based on long-term trust and transparency.

Talk with your financial advisor about our business planning tools, including 401(k), 403(b) and profit-sharing plans. Learn more about SG Long retirement plans.