SG Long & Company’s financial advisors and clients benefit from direct access to an internal research staff that can provide analytical support on a variety of different stocks, bonds and mutual fund products. In many larger institutions, the relationship managers are insulated from those who do the research support work on investments and are oftentimes tasked with simply passing on others’ conclusions with a limited understanding of the broader implications of what they are proposing. Due to the in-house presence of SG Long & Company’s sister boutique Investment Advisory firm SGL Investment Advisors, Inc., SG Long & Company’s advisors and clients enjoy full access to a staff focused on nothing but researching economic and market environments, risks and potential rewards. That support — coupled with the extensive and varied experiences of SG Long & Company’s financial advisory staff — allows us to uniquely position our level of service relative to larger, more homogenized institutions.

Economic / Market Research & Analysis White Papers

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